Create a life that feels good on the inside, not just one that looks good on the outside.

My name is Morten – I am a full time father of two children and I live in Denmark. After many years of work as a manager, partner and co-owner in the advertising and internet industry – I began to study and improve my skills in mindfulness techniques and personal development. I did this to create inner peace and balance in my own life and then I started sharing and teaching my techniques.

One of the things I do for myself – every day – is find a new location in nature and just stand there and observe and receive nature’s energy and tranquility.

I often record a video from the location that I share on my YouTube channel.

Some use the videos as background sound when they work, others when they need to fall asleep at night or when they need to meditate or have a break in the middle of the day. Some people listen to the sounds of nature in their headsets while on their way to work in a busy noisy city and the sounds have also been used successfully in hospitals and nursing homes.

When you close your eyes and meet the sounds of nature, your subconscious will automatically find peace and become curious in a relaxing way. That’s why all the videos have little elements built in – so they’re not entirely predictable. These may be sounds of footsteps in the forest floor – faint sounds of children’s play in the distance and small sounds the brain can’t quite place. In this way, you find both deep calm and your thoughts are helped away from the past and future and brings you into the present. The nature’s very own signals will automatically make you more mentally in balance.

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